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The best brand I've seen this year

Mar 022015

Branding is essential to being memorable, and companies will spend so much money to perfect their brand.

One brand I recently saw which I thought was fantastic was The Lock Father. A locksmith company, the name The Lock Father not only a play on the fantastic God Father films, but the name stuck well in my mind.


I also have a keen eye on brand names and logos, if you've seen one that you feel can match this get in contact and let me know.

How design can help you generate new customers this Valentines Day

Feb 102015


This valentines day is a perfect opportunity to market and remind your current customers (and gain new ones) you're relevant. Turning valentines day into revenue requires work.

Email Marketing

Depending on your products/service, you can adapt your email marketing for the day. Be ironic, get your customers opening your email for a special valentines day surprise!

I've just found an email last year from GroupOn that was superb, the headline subject was:  Love deals more than your partner, you can't miss out on these valentines day treats!

Controversial, but it works and I bet it converted well!


Tweaking your website for Valentines day can be a different way of getting your visitors to interact and spend time on your site. Toby & Kate did this well on their site: - see below.


P.S. Check this post on how Tinder approached their Valentines day.


Infographic: Creating the perfect email

Jan 152015

Creating the perfect email, easy right? Maybe not so.

When creating email marketing templates for clients, the main point of the project is creating something that is engaging and ultimatily convert.

EmailOctopus have created this great and well designed infographic for those who are or want to get into email marketing with handy tips on creating the perfect email.

The Design Can t-shirt range coming soon!

Jan 132015

This summer we'll be launching our Design Can t-shirt range on our webstore, more details on specific dates to come.

We've partnered with Logos 4 Polos to produce our range, with different colours and sizes to be made available, we can also confirm that we plan to launch these at £25, with FREE shipping within the UK, shipping to other countries have yet to be confirmed.



Review: Wrapsody gift wrapping service

Jan 092015

Now you may be thinking why am I reviewing a gift wrapping service on my design blog but here me out.

Now the Christmas dust has finally settles and all the decorations are crammed back in my garage, I though I'd take time to reflect on one of the serivces I used over the festive period.

Wrapsody gift wrapping service offer bespoke gift wrapping, I was able to give them my gift, decide a theme if I so wish and Wraposy do all the hard work for you. The reason I decided to use this service was not because I was too lazy to wrap my gift (although I can't wrap to save my life!) I actually wanted to add a special touch to my girlfriends Christmas pressent.

Now I did forget to take any pictures of my gift, not even on Christmas morning as she was way too eager to open her present, however there are plenty of examples on their website, I do highly reccomend checking it out.