How to Become a Successful Freelance Designer Today

Becoming a freelance designer can be a challenge. Unlike an employee that is getting paid every month, you have to find your own project. You also have to take into consideration your competition and how you meet all the deadlines. Unlike companies that can provide you with all the necessary tools, you will have to spend for your own software and hardware. And most of the time, it requires a lot of money in order to be a freelance designer.

But of course, being a freelance web designer can also have its perks. Not only can you have a vacation anytime, you can also earn more. Here are some things that you want to remember if you want to become a successful designer.


The very first thing that you will have to worry about is branding. You want to make sure that you are going to be seen by potential clients as a good designer. This means that you will need to have your own website and even your own social media presence. Be sure to have your LinkedIn account as well.

You will also have to find the right photo. This way, they can have a good first impression of you. Keep in mind that these are just some small things that can make a huge difference.

Gain experience

Next, you also want to be a bit experienced if you ever end up getting clients as a freelancer. Keep in mind that this will give you the confidence that you will need in order to get the job done smoothly. Also, this can help build your own network. A lot of designers that start from scratch really don’t have anything to showcase to their potential clients. Now, you want past proven works. Also, you want to learn from your past mistakes and success. A lot of potential clients will also refuse to take risks when it comes to getting a newbie.

Create your own portfolio

One of the best ways that you can convince a potential client is to have your own portfolio. This can help them understand what exactly you can offer to the table. For a lot of potential clients, they always look at freelance designers as a gamble. There are freelance designers that simply can’t get the work done according to their taste. And one way to avoid this kind of scenario is to show them your best works.

Take fast and small jobs first

As a beginner, you want to take the small jobs first. This can help you improve your network. In addition to this, it is also additional experience on your part.

Always ask for other projects

It is a good idea to always have consistent work when you are a freelancer. You can always stick to your old clients. This way, you also don’t have to adjust anymore. You become familiar with each other. And because of this, you know what they expect from you.

If you are serious about becoming a freelance designer, it is a good idea that you turn to these tactics in order to increase the chances of finding success.

Modern Web Design That You Want To Apply

A lot of people are looking for a website. However, you will need to make sure that the website has a modern design. So what are the modern design trends that you need to apply as a designer?

One of the things that you will need to implement in a modern web design is that it should be able to adapt to the different screens. Keep in mind that majority of today’s traffic comes from mobile. This only means that people don’t have to go to their computer in order to see your website. This only means that it should fit smaller screens.

You also need to consider the color of the website. Not only should it blend with the branding, it should even have to follow the trendiest colors that are being used on top websites today. You may have to do a bit of research in order to find the right color.

You also need to incorporate either a photo or a video whenever you are going to design a website. Keep in mind that the website should be aesthetically pleasing. It is even a good idea to ask your client to ask for custom photos rather than just stock photos.

The future is Fintech – Infographic

How Fintech is the future – this Infographic sent into the us by Fintech Compliance explains why. Thanks guys, it looks great!

The top 10 Logo Designs according to Bulldog Graphic Design

When it comes to your business branding is everything, and the first step to branding is the logo. Having said that logo redesign can have a drastic effect be it negative or positive. But if you don’t believe me, check out this infographic from Bulldog Graphic Design.

When Letterpress Printing is the best choice

Letterpress has been labeled an antique technique of printing. It has been around for a couple of centuries and has seen its brink to extinction from the renaissance around the late 19th century until today. Though digital printing has overtaken letterpress printing for quite some time as the leading printing technique, the end of letterpress printing is yet to be seen. The advantages of letterpress printing which other printing methods have trouble to replicate make letterpress printing survive during these modern times.

Letterpress printing can provide an elegant finish with crisp and sharp letters and images is a valuable result for some organisations and industries. Its simplistic process which can be done by anyone even at home it has opened many opportunities as a hobby and business endeavor. Its authentic feel is something official documents and letters require making it possible to survive among several printing techniques available today. However, it is impractical to use letterpress printing all the time. There are scenarios which other printing techniques such as digital printing are more appropriate.

Here are several situations when letterpress printing is the best choice:

1. Limited edition books – Limited edition books only reaches a couple hundred of copies maximum. To counter this limited production, limited edition books are far expensive than regular books. Cheaply printed books will not worth much and won’t sell much if released. Letterpress printing complement the limited edition books perfectly by giving them a rare and authentic feeling which only a handful of people can purchase and own.

2. Artist’s Books – Artist’s books such as recipe books are not limited edition however, their content is far valuable than other books. These contents are the compilation of a lifetime career of the author and are expensive by their nature. Letterpress printing allows artist’s books to fetch for a higher price worthy of the book.

3. Greeting Cards – Greeting cards contain only few words or thoughts. With the receiver focused on the greeting message, the letterpress printing adds an artistic touch to the card increasing the sincerity and depth of the message in the card.

4. Broadsides – Broadsides are rarely seen today. It is the old version of newspapers which only has 1 page and the page is stick into the wall all over the streets. Most broadsides today are only produced for education purposes mainly for literature and history.

5. Invitations – Invitations are the representatives of the celebration or event. Using letterpress printing in the invitation suggests that the event or celebration is grand and important. Letterpress printed invitations are common on corporate events and parties hosted by wealthy individuals.

6. Official Documents – Official documents also use letterpress printing most of the time. Official documents or letters from the government or royalties use letterpress technique to put their official seal in the document.

If you are in doubt on whether to use letterpress printing or not, simply check the scenarios above and you’ll definitely know when letterpress printing is the best choice.

The benefits of great Web Design

Every business which uses online marketing started the same way. It is setting up the company website. Company website becomes the online store, customer support center and sales representative all in one. With these functions combined, the website will become the face of the company in online marketing. The following reasons will be more than enough for the company to consider a great web design.

1. Online Presence and Identity – Online business is about presence and identity. By having a great web design from the Dotcentric Episerver partner, the company projects an image of a great company to its customers and prospects. Customers cannot see the sales representative but will mainly judge a company with their website. Poorly created website means weak presence and bad identity. A great web design means the company has class and professionalism.

2. Attract Visitors – The web design can attract or scare visitors. A great web design can attract the visitors and makes them want to stay and browse around the website. It is like having customers check your store and the goods in it.

3. Convert Customers – Profits are only made when visitors turn to customers. More visitors in the website will lead to more customers for the company. Sign-up page and online store designs would also affect profits.

4. Distinction – Though products and services are similar between competitors, being distinct in the web design will set the company apart from the competition online. Unique and catchy web designs will make the visitors and potential customers remember the brand and company.

5. Features – Web designs with easy-to-navigate features and great details can make the difference in customer experience. Great websites also have more features to check which gives more potential for profits.

6. Cost Efficient – Great web design will be easy to upgrade and require less maintenance. Considering that the website will require less maintenance in the long run, the extra investment in starting a website will prove cost efficient.

7. Upgradable – With everything designed perfectly, upgrades can easily be installed even major changes which include new features or additional pages. Poor web designs sometimes lead to total renovation or conversion of a website.

8. Reliable Support – Great web designs are created by experienced designers. They provide long-term services which include website support and great deals for website upgrades.

Companies would like to have an ideal representative of their brand whether online or traditional marketing. Everything should be top-notch from the store, support and promotions so get in contact with a brand identity agency like Outre Creative to give your company the look you want. A great website features all these which in turn provide the best platform for the company to create profits.

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Infographic by Inhous: The 3 most important factors to consider when moving to London

I came across this Infographic on Inhous’s Twitter, and upon seeing the reaction it got over there, I couldn’t resist sharing it to The Design Can audience. It’s a really well put together infographic with a nice use of typefaces. Top work from Inhous relocation services!


The best brand I’ve seen this year

Branding is essential to being memorable, and companies will spend so much money to perfect their brand.

One brand I recently saw which I thought was fantastic was The Lock Father. A locksmith company, the name The Lock Father not only a play on the fantastic God Father films, but the name stuck well in my mind.

I also have a keen eye on brand names and logos, if you’ve seen one that you feel can match this get in contact and let me know.

Infographic: Creating the perfect email

Creating the perfect email, easy right? Maybe not so.

When creating email marketing templates for clients, the main point of the project is creating something that is engaging and ultimately convert.

EmailOctopus have created this great and well-designed infographic for those who are or want to get into email marketing with handy tips on creating the perfect email!

Review: Wrapsody gift wrapping service

Now you may be thinking why am I reviewing a gift wrapping service on my design blog, but hear me out!

Now the Christmas dust has finally settled and all the decorations are crammed back in my garage, I though I’d take the time to reflect on one of the services I used over the festive period.

Wrapsody gift wrapping service offer bespoke gift wrapping – I was able to give them my gift, decide a theme if I so wish, and Wrapsody would do all the hard work. The reason I decided to use this service was not because I was too lazy to wrap my gift (although I can’t wrap to save my life!), I actually wanted to add a special touch to my girlfriends Christmas present.

Now I did forget to take pictures of my gift, even on Christmas morning, as she was way too eager to open her present, however there are plenty of examples on their website. I do highly recommend checking it out!