How to Become a Better Designer Today?

A lot of people aspire to enter the world of graphic design. So how exactly do you become a graphic designer? Do you really need to enter formal school in order to be equipped with the right skill? There are other graphic designers who are no longer entering formal school. Instead, they have the internet in order to learn more about the intricacies of the trade. There are also those who are learning based on their experience from taking similar jobs. So how exactly do you improve your skill as a graphic designer?

First, you have to understand the basics. You will have to learn the basics in order to have the necessary foundation when it comes to your job. Next, you also want to make sure that you are going to take a closer look at the work of the best graphic designers. This will give you the ability to have a benchmark of what you need to achieve. You can also find inspiration from their work. And lastly, you will need to make sure that you are also going to criticize your own work. Make sure that you are going to always seek improvements.

Wage Slipping (Infographic)

Sent in by the guys over at National Insurance Number Apply, this awesome Wage Slipping infographic explains everything about your wage slips.

Home Safety

Locksmiths are our number one go-to guys for keeping our homes safe. They’re there 24/7 for all our needs and when our homes are put in jeopardy, and it’s for that reason that I personally have them ranking high in my contact list. What about you?

Thanks to Fast Keys Online for this great infographic!

The benefits of great Web Design

Every business which uses online marketing started the same way. It is setting up the company website. Company website becomes the online store, customer support center and sales representative all in one. With these functions combined, the website will become the face of the company in online marketing. The following reasons will be more than enough for the company to consider a great web design.

1. Online Presence and Identity – Online business is about presence and identity. By having a great web design from the Dotcentric Episerver partner, the company projects an image of a great company to its customers and prospects. Customers cannot see the sales representative but will mainly judge a company with their website. Poorly created website means weak presence and bad identity. A great web design means the company has class and professionalism.

2. Attract Visitors – The web design can attract or scare visitors. A great web design can attract the visitors and makes them want to stay and browse around the website. It is like having customers check your store and the goods in it.

3. Convert Customers – Profits are only made when visitors turn to customers. More visitors in the website will lead to more customers for the company. Sign-up page and online store designs would also affect profits.

4. Distinction – Though products and services are similar between competitors, being distinct in the web design will set the company apart from the competition online. Unique and catchy web designs will make the visitors and potential customers remember the brand and company.

5. Features – Web designs with easy-to-navigate features and great details can make the difference in customer experience. Great websites also have more features to check which gives more potential for profits.

6. Cost Efficient – Great web design will be easy to upgrade and require less maintenance. Considering that the website will require less maintenance in the long run, the extra investment in starting a website will prove cost efficient.

7. Upgradable – With everything designed perfectly, upgrades can easily be installed even major changes which include new features or additional pages. Poor web designs sometimes lead to total renovation or conversion of a website.

8. Reliable Support – Great web designs are created by experienced designers. They provide long-term services which include website support and great deals for website upgrades.

Companies would like to have an ideal representative of their brand whether online or traditional marketing. Everything should be top-notch from the store, support and promotions so get in contact with a brand identity agency like Outre Creative to give your company the look you want. A great website features all these which in turn provide the best platform for the company to create profits.

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Infographic by BetCode – How (& how not) to shuffle cards

Checkout this superb infographic from BetCode. I’ll let the infographic do the talking here:

My Shepherds Bush market rebrand

A lover of markets I recently popped down to Shepherds Bush Market whilst in London for the weekend.

I love London, as a designer London always inspires me in my work; the market is going through some major changes, one of them being their branding.

Giving my industry a brand change is always something that catches my eye. Changing branding is always a risky movement; get it wrong and it can literally close your business down.

Although the Shepherds Bush Market rebrand made sense considering the major work that’s happening in the area, a rebrand brings a fresh approach to the market as it shifts into a more modern outlook.

The market caters for a variety of people, as a designer you can find some really unique items, some of my best work has been inspired from places such as this.

If you’re in London I would recommend visiting.

How design can help you generate new customers this Valentines Day

This valentines day is a perfect opportunity to market and remind your current customers (and gain new ones) you’re relevant. Turning valentines day into revenue requires work.

Email Marketing

Depending on your products/service, you can adapt your email marketing for the day. Be ironic, get your customers opening your email for a special valentines day surprise!

I’ve just found an email last year from GroupOn that was superb, the headline subject was:  Love deals more than your partner, you can’t miss out on these valentines day treats.

Controversial, but it works and I bet it converted well!


Tweaking your website for Valentines day can be a different way of getting your visitors to interact and spend time on your site. Toby & Kate did this well on their site: – see below:

P.S. Check this post on how Tinder approached their Valentines day for even more tips.

The Design Can t-shirt range coming soon!

This summer we’ll be launching our Design Can t-shirt range on our webstore, more details on specific dates to come.

We’ve partnered with Logos 4 Polos to produce our range, with different colours and sizes to be made available, we can also confirm that we plan to launch these at £25, with FREE shipping within the UK, shipping to other countries have yet to be confirmed.