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Review: Wrapsody gift wrapping service

Jan 092015

Now you may be thinking why am I reviewing a gift wrapping service on my design blog but here me out.

Now the Christmas dust has finally settles and all the decorations are crammed back in my garage, I though I'd take time to reflect on one of the serivces I used over the festive period.

Wrapsody gift wrapping service offer bespoke gift wrapping, I was able to give them my gift, decide a theme if I so wish and Wraposy do all the hard work for you. The reason I decided to use this service was not because I was too lazy to wrap my gift (although I can't wrap to save my life!) I actually wanted to add a special touch to my girlfriends Christmas pressent.

Now I did forget to take any pictures of my gift, not even on Christmas morning as she was way too eager to open her present, however there are plenty of examples on their website, I do highly reccomend checking it out.

Welcome to The Design Can

Jan 092015

Hello and welcome to The Design Can.

My name is Harrison Martin, I'm a graphic designer in the UK with over 5 years experience now, and still loving it. One of my new years resolutions was to start blogging again, and The Design Can was born from this. 

The Design Can is for all things design. Inforgraphics, designs, logos and unusual things they'll all be on here.

So bookmark this page or follow me on Twitter @TheDesignCan to keep up to date on my what's going down on the blog.